About the author

Holly Gardner has helped countless businesses, non-profits, and individuals harness the power of modern marketing.

Holly earned her M.B.A. in Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton and her B.A. in Economics from University of Virginia. She’s worked with organizations as diverse as the International Monetary Fund and Bain & Company management consultancy, to a consumer packaged goods manufacturer, domestic car dealership, private school, and not-for-profit museum.

Her well-rounded career is what enables her to meld into marketing a knowledge and understanding of behavioral economics, psychology, finance, branding, design, digital media, printing, design thinking, human-centered design, market research, competitive strategy, and sales. This integration makes for robust ideas.

The challenge running through all her work is how to make organizations more creatively competitive. When tackling some of the most complex challenges, the idea is to talk less and do more, to be optimistic, and to embrace collaboration as the key to a quantum leap forward.